Our Vision

To build, grow, and impact not just ourselves, but the lives of others as well.

Our vision is to create a brand built off that belief, one that inspires but also influences. We desire to leave our distinguished mark on the world – to truly live up to the title of “lifestyle brand”.

Our Values

We believe in the value and power of what makes you unique, what pushes you to grind towards greatness, and appreciating the work and sacrifices it takes to get there. We understand reaching greatness includes giving back to the communities that uplift and support you, not only as a thank you, but to show that we care. We’re grateful for the people and places that have gotten us to where we are and continue to motivate others to push boundaries and strive for greater things, not just in life, but within themselves.

Distinguished One Logo

Our Story

Distinguished One started in 2013 with a drive to be better. Better than the rest, but also better for ourselves and our communities. We knew that words provoke thoughts, thoughts provoke action, and those actions can lead to your best self coming to fruition – so we wanted to spread the word. That’s how we decided on designing a quality, up-and-coming lifestyle brand for the people who DRIP – those who Dare to Rise, Inspire, and Prosper in life. We are and continue to be a place where positivity meets creativity in order to inspire others, and allow them to embrace their uniqueness and distinguish themselves in their own special way.

Community & Philanthropy:

At Distinguished One, we know the true benefit and strength of having a community that loves and supports you endlessly – and of course, the respect and support are mutual. That’s why we started D1 Outreach, our own personal philanthropic effort to give back to our local communities, more specifically to our local schools.

With D1 Outreach, we work to acknowledge and reward students for their incredible work and ability to go beyond, giving out t-shirts, gift cards, and even textbook vouchers to show them that hard work pays off. We’re looking forward to expanding our initiative to more schools in the future by 50% and reigniting our scholarship and book voucher program.